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Relay Express is a 33 year old Same Day Delivery company specializing in local, on demand immediate deliveries, scheduled route solutions, expedited out of town shipping and logistical warehousing services. With locations throughout the Midwest, Relay Express is positioned to provide transportation coverage to a wide radius, on short notice.

Relay Express can transport anything from packages to pallets, in a car, van, box truck or tractor trailer. The size and diversity of our vehicle fleet allow us to provide a right-sized solution, helping our customers manage tight time frames and budgets.


Our Beginning
Relay Express was founded in February 1986 on the vision and optimism of Mike Bernecker, Matt Seiter and Robert Smith. Through a belief in hard work and a mindset to do anything it took to get the job done for their customers, Mike, Matt and Bob set Relay Express on a path to growth that continues today.  At that time, each employee was a salesperson, delivery driver, and operations manager doing everything necessary to satisfy customers while driving the business forward. That “intrapreneurial” spirit is the foundation for our success.

Focused Growth
Over 33 years, Relay Express has expanded our reach to service Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New York. The company evolved from a total focus on local immediate deliveries to also include large truck service for scheduled and routed solutions, and logistical warehousing services to facilitate regional order fulfillment.

Since 2007, Relay Express has been perennially recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies on the Inc. 5000 list, in addition to several other local awards in our markets.

The company’s growth focused approach has evolved over time into an opportunistic vision for the business. We believe we can meet any customer need presented, within three core parameters – Is it safe, is it legal, and can it be done in the best interest of our customer and our business. Based on that thinking, Relay Express is best positioned to provide the highest level of service, no matter how critical the request.

Contact us to learn how our unique mindset and commitment to customer service can come to life for your specific needs.


  • 24 Hour Service 365 Days/Year Staffed On-Site
  • Professional Uniformed Drivers — Photo ID Badges
  • Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening
  • TSA Certified Including STA Numbers
  • Certified as an IAC Agent
  • DOT Compliant — “Satisfactory” Rating
  • Secure Facilities
  • Motion-Activated Security Cameras
  • Monitored Entry with Pin Code Door Locks
  • Facility Entry Log for All Visitors/Drivers
  • Caged High-Security Area
  • Member of National Associations such as: ECA, MCAA, XLA, CLMA, PCC


  • Immediate On-Demand Courier
  • Expedited Freight
  • Scheduled Routed Delivery
  • Dedicated Driver Service
  • Box Truck Service
  • Tractor Trailer Service
  • Airport Pick-Up & Delivery
  • Logistical Warehousing
  • Cross-Dock Capabilities
  • Medical Specimen Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical Transportation
  • Mail Injection


  • Fully Customizable
  • Online Order Entry & Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning & Signature Capture
  • Real-Time POD’s
  • Address Validation & Geo-Coding
  • Intelligent Dispatch with Smart Routing
  • GPS Tracking
  • Shipper System Integration
  • ASN, EDI & XML Equipped
  • OS&D Reporting


Relay Express is fully insured. Below is an overview of our coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability: $1 Million/$2 Million
  • Automobile Liability: $1 Million
  • Motor Truck Cargo: $100,000


Relay Express is rapidly growing! We have been named to INC. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies the last 7 years and counting!

  • 2007 Ranking: #3,545
  • 2008 Ranking: #2,088
  • 2009 Ranking: #1,514
  • 2010 Ranking: #2,452
  • 2011 Ranking: #2,970
  • 2012 Ranking: #3,487
  • 2013 Ranking: #4127

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