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Phone: 1-800-860-6288   retracLogo25

Relay Express is looking for professional drivers and owner operators. Since 1986, Relay has been providing professional service to their customers.

For more information, or to apply today, call us at (800) 860-6288 or fill out the below form to expedite the screening process:

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    Your Name (first and last name required)

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    How many years of experience do you have? (required)

    What type of license do you have? (required)

    Have you had any moving violations in the past 3 years? (required)

    If yes, how many points are on your license currently?

    Do you currently have a felony record? (required)

    Are you currently working now? (required)

    What types of goods/commodities have you delivered in the past? (required)

    What types of equipment have you driven? (required)

    What are your weekly income/pay expectations? (required)

    What is your availability? (required)

    Can you work 6 days a week? (required)

    Have you ever worked as a 1099 independent contractor before? (required)

    What do you look for in a company when contracting with them? (required)

    Have you ever been an owner operator before? (required)

    Do you have a current DOT Medical Card? (required)

    Do you have Log Book experience? (required)

    Can you operate a vehicle with a stick shift? (required)

    Do you operate with a GPS or maps? (required)

    Please provide name and contact information for your last 3 years of work history:

    Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?

    Completion of this form permits Relay Express to conduct basic screening of your qualifications. This screening process includes a 3 year MVR and 10 year background check. Please ensure all requested areas are completed in full.

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